Fashion Look Book Project

I think that in the 4 weeks I was given for this brief I have achieved a good final product. I kept my same idea throughout the project and I feel that my images demonstrated exactly what I wanted them to, an everyday yet sophisticated style.

I took this project as an opportunity to really thoroughly research into the history of fashion photography which I think has benefitted me greatly, learning about not only the photographers through the years but also how the fashions at the time related art movements and the music world. I also feel I have done good research of present day photographers, starting with the most well known and influential and then moving into what I wanted my final images to be like and taking inspiration from Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, a new photographer to me who’s work I had never seen before.

I feel that I have a strong final product that fits the brief I was presented with. I would personally have liked to have a larger range of clothes and outfits, however I think I made the right decision to leave the one  I was not happy with out, as I still had more than enough images to meet the minimum 8 page requirement.

Although I would have like to have been a bit more brave and contacted a modelling agency and sourced a lot more clothes to style and create different looks if I had had more time on this project, I think I made a good choice of model, she was very versatile yet striking, and my clothes all came together to create a strong autumnal look.

I am pleased with the final product I have created. I feel I have achieved a good narrative throughout my images as well as keeping the main focus on the clothes with my use of shallow depth of field and little distractions in the location. If I had more time on this project I would have liked to experiment in the studio as well, as I feel is it not one of my strong areas and I could have created an interesting alternative.

Overall I am very pleased with both the work I put into my project, and my final product. I think these are some of my strongest images I have created since being at university and my time management is definitely improving.

my front cover

This is the image I have chosen to be my cover of my look book. I like the pattern and think it is probably the most autumny piece of clothing through out my shoots and since thats the look I’m shooting, I think it should be one of the main features. The right half of the image will be the front cover, and the left half will fold round to become the back cover. I have not put a title on the front as I do not want to distract from the pattern so instead it will go on the first page of my look book.


I am happy with my final layout, I was worried that the full length to detail shots would be slightly too repetitive throughout but after putting it together I feel it still works well and I think my use of white spaces give the correct breaks between images that is needed for the look book to flow correctly.

I have chosen these images because I think that they are my strongest, most successful images. I have kept the same shallow depth of field throughout all of my photographs which keep the same look going throughout the narrative. I am also pleased with the structure of my individual images and as the narrative as a whole, I concentrated on each composition whilst taking my photos and whilst editing them and I think the transformation between a jumper and trousers to the evening dress gives a sense of a maturing woman and I also managed to keep the sophistication throughout.

My Final Layout

This is my final layout idea, two pages at a time.


I feel that even though one of my outfits did not work out I have enough strong images and enough looks to create my final book. After talking with my tutor I know what needs to be tweaked in which images which I can easily edit as well which are my strongest images and what layouts will suit them best.

I have decided to keep my editing to a minimum, I like the look of my images how they are, I just have to bring out the highlights or increase contrast in a few to best show the clothes and to balance my images compositionally. I will keep my images in the same order of the outfits as my tutor and classmates both agree that the narrative has a good sense of maturing in this order.

Shoot 2

I did have another outfit prepared that I shot in my second shoot, however I am not very happy with it, not only did the outfit not fit the autumn style I was going for, it did not seem as sophisticated and as well as that most of my images were under exposed.

However, I am very pleased with the other two outfits I photographed and how they came out. Again I took both full length and detail shots to best show off the clothing I was working with, and as I continued to work with the same model she became more comfortable in front of the camera which made my second shoot much easier to direct.

I feel I have been able to continue creating a narrative well and I am again pleased with the use of light in my images despite the day being very grey. I think that choosing to keep the hair and make up the same, apart from adding a little more eye make up for the final outfit to add a touch of glamour, worked well as it keeps all of the focus on the clothing.

I do feel that my range of poses are very limited through out both of my shoots, however it is an everyday, unposed look I am going for, I just feel I could have made them a little more impactive and striking.

Shoot 2 – Best Images

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

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